Chapter One - the modern local

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Chapter One - the modern local

Chapter One - the modern local

Chapter One - the modern local: innovative food and drink presentation and selection with a neighborhood feel that will keep you coming back for more. Whether you are looking for wine, beer or a great cocktail, Chapter One prides themselves in offering unique selections you'd be hard pressed finding anywhere else. They are constantly search out new, well crafted wines, spirits and beers that can uphold the standard of quality their bar and restaurant have.

And yes, they've got a signature cocktail: the Moscow Mule! It catches many eyes as it passes through with its unique presentation. They serve this with refreshing house made ginger beer, Russian Standard Vodka and lime cocktail in a handsome copper cup.

The menu stresses seasonal, original and organic. They create dishes that fuse comfort food with the exotic for a dining experience that is truly unique.

Want to take it even further? The friendly staff, and notably "Uncle James" - the house sommelier, can recommend a wine or beer that pairs perfectly with what you want to eat. Here are some examples of wine/food pairing done by the Chapter One staff:

Plungerhead Zinfandel: plum, cherry, rich blackberry, strawberry, cinnamon, oak and subtle pepper notes were paired with BBQ Pulled Pork on Sweet Potato Waffle. The strong BBQ sauce and sweet waffel were met perfectly by the sweet plum of the zinfandel.

Licia Albarino: lemon, grapefruit and fresh herbs palate was paired with a delicious grilled flatbread covered with thyme, clam béchamel, seared scallops and parmesan cheese. Both the flatbread and the wine have similar strength of palate and both complimented each others herb elements.

Chateau Coustaut: mineral chalk, floral, apple and pear notes were paired with a fantastically dressed up Mac & Cheese that featured white cheddar, fontina cheese, smoked bacon, carmelized onion relish, toasted panko and truffle oil! Thes two match with similar mineral palates, and contrast nicely with the wines semi-sweet fruit notes and the Mac & Cheeses caramel and smoked bacon elements.

Reviewed by:
Peter Kozlowski - EpicStyle

Chapter One - the modern local
227 North Broadway
Santa Ana, California 92805
phone: (714) 352-2225



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