Wine Totes

Wine totes make the job of carrying around a bottle of wine easy. And if you're toting white wine or Champagne, all our totes are insulated for temperature control. Choose from the ever popular Byobag™ line of products or the colorful Wine Chill™ Gel Totes. These wine chill totes are made from material that is meant to be frozen. Keep one in your freeze all the time. You never know when you'll want to get some fresh air, and a sip of refreshing wine.

Byobag™ - Black Single Bottle Tote
Byobag™ - Black Double Bottle Tote
Byobag™ - Cranberry  Single Bottle Tote
Byobag™ - Cranberry Double Bottle Tote
Blue Wine Chill™ Gel Tote
Clear Wine Chill™ Gel Tote
Green Wine Chill™ Gel Tote
Pink Wine Chill™ Gel Tote
Portable Wine & Cheese Picnic Tote - Dark Blue

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