Wine Cooling

With the right accessories, wine cooling is easy. White wine and Champagne drinks can have a difficult time when transporting their bottles. They never seem to be at the correct temperature, always arriving a bit warm. EpicStyle can help you transport your white wine and Champagne at the correct temperature! We offer Gel Totes as one solution. Gel Totes are freezable totes. Keep them in your freezer, and when you are ready to go, simply pull a Gel Tote out and slip your bottle inside. These totes will keep wine cooling for an hour. Another great way to keep bottle temps stable is with our Neoprene Epicool™s. The neoprene material they are made of naturally insulates the bottle inside from outside temperatures. We have ice buckets for convenient table side maintenance of wine temps. We even have two portable ice bucket made from plastic - the Porta Cool® and the Chiller™, which includes handles for carrying. Finally, we have Wine Chill™ Bottle Coolers for wine cooling. They are "wraps" that will chill a bottle of wine in 10 minutes!

wine bottle coolers
wine gel totes
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neoprene epicool wine cooler

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