Corkscrews (Wing)

If getting the worm of the corkscrew straight into the cork is difficult for you, then the self centering wing corkscrew is for you. While you hold the base of the opener and screw the worm in, the wing corkscrew automatically guides the worm directly into the center on the cork. It couldn't be easier. See all our designs from the traditional Botticello Antique Grape Corkscrew to the contemporary Avalon Wing Corkscrew.

Avalon Wing Corkscrew - Chrome
Avalon Wing Corkscrew - Chrome
Avalon Wing Corkscrew - Burguundy
Avalon Wing Corkscrew - Black
Deluxe Wing Corkscrew - Chrome
Deluxe Wing Corkscrew - Black
Botticello Antique Grape Corkscrew
Garden Topiary Enamel Wing Corkscrew
Party Girl! Enamel Wing Corkscrew
Screw This Enamel Wing Corkscrew
Vineyard Grapes Enamel Wing Corkscrew

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