Corkscrews & More

This Corkscrews & More section is great whether you need a simple cork remover to slip in your pocket, a professional waiter style corkscrew, or a mounted tabletop style cork removing system. You are sure to find what you need right here. One of the easiest corkscrews to use is the Cork Pops air pump cork remover. It pushes air into the bottle, forcing the cork out of the bottle with pressure. Wing corkscrews are great for those who can't seem to get the worm of a corkscrew centered in the cork. The wing corkscrew automatically centers the worm. Another notable corkscrew is the Volta Electric Corkscrew. Not only does it center the worm automatically, it also does all the screwing for you. With all this variety, you will find the right corkscrew for yourself.

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