CORK CAGE® - Silver Sleigh

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CORK CAGE® - Silver Sleigh

CORK CAGE® - Silver Sleigh

The CORK CAGE® - Silver Sleigh is a fantastic wine and gift accessory that you should own. This silver sleigh is sure to be a big seller with it's artisan craftsman-ship and multi-funtionality. For cork collection, simply place in the sleigh. Cork retrieval is as easy, just reach on. And don't forget, this silver sleight can hold a bottle in the carriage, making it super special "box" for a gift bottle of wine or spirits! The CORK CAGE® - Silver Sleigh, another clever wine and gift accessory from EpicStyle. Fits a standard wine bottle.
Patent No. D682,149

Dimensions: 12” x 4” x 7 1/2”

Item #: 91-070

Price: $26.95 


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