Dry Creek Vineyard: Heritage Zinfandel 2007

Dry Creek Vineyard: Heritage Zinfandel 2007

The 2007 Heritage Zinfandel is perhaps one of the more balanced and elegant vintages Dry Creek has had in recent memory. This delicious wine combines fruit from the warm Dry Creek Valley and cool Russian River Valley appellations in a 87% Zinfandel to 13% Petite Sirah combination.

The nose was cherry, cedar and pepper. The palate was cherry, blackberry, currant and tangerine. The bold dark garnet color of this selection is matched by its strong tannins which equal the flavors. I would describe the mouth feel as chewy, very thick in the mouth, giving the overall experience great substance. The finish was of blackberry, oak, vanilla, and a tarragon spice note.

A day 2 tasting brought a nose of cherry and strawberry. The palate moved as well, to cherry, blackberry, strawberry and tarragon. The finish was smooth and long with tannins still strong but mellowing a bit. Cheers!

Reviewed by:
Peter Kozlowski - EpicStyle

Price: $30.00 



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