Château Nénine: Bordeaux 2006

Château Nénine: Bordeaux 2006

This is a delightful Bourdeaux full of layers of flavor wrapped up in a mellow to medium body. In short, it's a firm wine that doesn't overpower foods. It's a perfect accompaniment to many dishes.

The nose was generically of red fruit, probably because it needed to be aerated a bit. Another element of the nose was a fresh cut grass aroma which was excellent. The palate was blackberry, then cherry, then a mossy-earthy, almost dry taste that was fantastic. The mossy-earthy bit balanced the sweetness of the blackberry and cherry perfectly. As the bottle opened, things get even better. The nose mellows to red fruit, and the grassy sent changes to lemon balm. The palate is slightly spicy, with blackberry and earthy notes. The only negative to this wine is, it's a one day drinker - was not so good the second night. So that shouldn't be a problem, invite a friend or two over and enjoy a great bottle of wine one evening. Cheers!

Reviewed by:
Peter Kozlowski - EpicStyle

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Recipe provided by:
David Wolfe - Fullerton, CA

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