Briar Rose Winery

Briar Rose Winery

Temecula's best-kept secret, Briar Rose Winery, is no longer a secret matter. Considered Temecula's first cult winery by many of its customers, it is celebrating its one-year anniversary.

Opening their doors to the public in June 2007, Briar Rose continues to gain popularity among locals, celebrities, and visitors. It may be one of wine country's newest additions, but their popularity has already reached everywhere from the White House to the Playboy mansion, as well as won numerous international gold, silver and bronze medals, in just a short year's time.

Les and Dorian Linkogle, owners of Briar Rose Winery, have created a charming, boutique –style estate winery catering to a discriminating wine connoisseur seeking ultra premium estate wines ranging in price from $19.00 – to $500.00. The winery has created a much different tasting experience than offered at other wineries by focusing on a pampered, sit down tasting emphasizing the individual experience as guided by their charming sommelier. According to Dorian Linkogle, “This is the first and only reservation tasting room in the Temecula Wine Country.

Briar Rose Winery marks a return to early idyllic times. In a sense, we have come full circle and we want to celebrate a return to past while embracing the present. “ The boutique winery sets itself apart by providing visitors with personalized private wine tastings. ” At Briar Rose, it's not just a wine tasting, it's a wine experience “ says Dorian Linkogle, winery owner. Because this is a reservation only winery, we are able to provide visitors with an intimate tasting experience.” Guests are greeted in the gift shop and personally escorted to the separate well-appointed tasting room. Each guest’s experience is approximately one hour in length and includes a tour of the vineyard, wine introduction by the staff sommelier, and a meet and greet with winemaker and owner Les Linkogle.

41720 Calle Cabrillo
Temecula, CA 92592
Phone: (951) 308-1098



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