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Squashed Grapes

Squashed Grapes

Squashed Grapes is a wine-on-premise store where Wine Lovers become Wine Makers!! We've been in Old Town Camarillo for over 4 years now, providing premium wine to companies, restaurants, and connoisseurs alike.

We provide the perfect environment for making your own quality wines from premium juices. What's involved? First you make an appointment (or just come on by) and enjoy a free wine tasting to help you choose from our excellent selection of premium wines. Next, start the wine making process by adding yeast to the prepared juice in a large fermentation pail. You can then go home and leave the technical part to us, or be as involved as your schedule and inclination permits.

Squashed Grapes' dedicated staff will rack your wine into glass carboys, monitor temperature and specific gravity, stabilize, degas and filter your wine. In 5 - 8 weeks we will call you to make an appointment for you to bottle your wine. Come in at your chosen time, prepare the bottles and fill them. Cork (using our floor corker), apply shrink tops and custom labels. It's easy and fun!!

Our quality wine with customized labels are great for many occasions: Parties, Weddings, Anniversaries, Couples' night out, Team Building Events, College Graduations, Christmas, Birthdays, Office Parties, Class Family Reunions, Holiday Greetings, Christenings, Customer Appreciation, and many more!!

Yes. Tastings and samplings of various in-house wines are free of charge for customers interested in making their very own batch of wine.
Yes, we have a wide selection of wine and beer making supplies. Also, we have an extensive wine-inspired gift boutique.
No, although it is best to do so on Friday and Saturdays.
Yes, during all regular business hours. No appointment required.
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