Wine On The Go

When you need to take your wine on the go, trust Epic to have the best wine accessories. We feature compact corkscrews that fit right into your pocket. We have wine totes, wine bags with handles. One of our most popular accessory for wine on the go is our Wine Picnic Backpacks for Two. This wine backpack has everything you need for a great picnic. It includes two insulated compartments for wine bottles, another large insulated compartment for food, and a final compartment that holds two sets of silverware, cloth napkins, two plates, a cutting board, salt & pepper shakers, two acrylic wine glasses and a corkscrew. It's like taking your kitchen out to the park! If you are traveling, and are worried about safe transportation of your wine bottle either in your suitcase on a plane or in the trunk of your car, we have the solution for you. Purchase either Epic's Bottle Guard™ Bottle Travel Protectors, Chill Along Reusable Insulated Bags or WineSkin® Bottle Transport Bags. They are all spill proof sealed and more importantly, padded to protect your bottle from breakage.

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