Combo Pourer / Stoppers

Combination wine pourers & stoppers are the best of both worlds, giving you drip free pours while stopping air from getting into your bottle after pouring. Of course, if you don't finish your bottle of wine, having a stopper is good. No accidental tipping over and spilling in your back pack or bag. Choose from our eagle head, screw, top hat or silver-plated wine stopper and pourers. If you have lost the top to your combo stopper pourer, or don't like the fuss of the top, try our Tiptop® Reusable Wine Cork. It does the same job as a combo wine bottle stopper and pourer but without a separate top piece. All you do is twist to open the bottle, and twist back the other way to close the bottle.

Tiptop® Reusable Wine Cork - Wine Red
Tiptop® Reusable Wine Cork - Blue
Tiptop® Reusable Wine Cork - Green
Tiptop® Reusable Wine Cork - Black
Tiptop® Reusable Wine Cork 3-Pack
Eagle Head Stopper & Pourer
Screw Bottle Stopper & Pourer
Top Hat Stopper and Pourer
Grape Cluster Stopper & Pourer
Silver-Plated Wine Stopper and Pourer

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