HoHoHo FaLaLa™ Collection

The joyous HoHoHo FaLaLa Collection will keep you and your friends merry through the holidays. The collection includes gift bags, ornaments, bottle stoppers, a corkscrew and a great flask and shot glass gift set.

HoHoHo FaLaLa Enamel Bottle Stopper
HoHoHo Stripes Bottle Gift Bag
HoHoHo Wine Chill™ Bottle Cooler
HoHoHo Neoprene Can Epicool™
HoHoHo & FaLaLa Beverage Napkins
FaLaLa Mini Wine Glass Ornament
HoHoHo Bottle Cheese Server
FaLaLa Stripes Bottle Gift Bag

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