Hunnies & Hotties™ Collection

Looks like the girls are getting together and having a good time. The Hunnies and Hotties Collection features slinky illustrations of mature, beautiful women and their attitudes. So roll on up to the bar, but beware, these ladies play for keeps.

Lips Bottle Cap Speaker
Lips Bottle Cap Speaker
Price: $20.95 
Wine Girl Enamel Bottle Stopper
Wine Girl Bottle Gift Bag
Hunnies & Hotties Glass Stick'ems™
Wine Girl Mini Wine Glass Ornament
Wine Girl Hand-Painted Stemless Wine Glass
Wine Girl Hand-Painted Wine Glass
Hotties Drink Beer Cap
Hotties Drink Beer Cap
Price: $16.95 
Party Girl Curved Top Flask
Hotties Drink Beer Neoprene Can Epicool™
Hotties Drink Beer Neoprene Beer Bottle Epicool™
Wine Girl Neoprene Wine Bottle Epicool™
Cougar and Her Wine Beverage Napkins
Cougar & Her Wine Hand-Painted Wine Glass
Cougar and Her Wine Bottle Gift Bag
Cougar With Wine Enamel Bottle Stopper
Cougars Prefer Hand-Painted Wine Glass
Hunnies & Hotties My Glass® Tags
Love Wine Enamel Bottle Stopper
Champagne Girl Hand-Painted Champagne Flute
Champagne Girl Hand-Decorated Champagne Flute
Regular Price: $18.95
On Sale For: $9.50 
Gimme Some Bubbly Hand-Painted Champagne Flute
Gimme Some Bubbly Hand-Decorated Champagne Flute
Regular Price: $18.95
On Sale For: $9.50 

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