Cork Pullers

The traditional cork pullers will remove a cork without the use of a worm, which can potentially damage a cork. This is important if you collect corks. To have completely undamaged cork for your collection we recommend using the Estates® Corkpuller or the Twistup® Corkpuller. They are simply the best way to remove a cork undamaged from a wine bottle. No splits, shreds, or punctures. Just clean, quick, and easy-to-use cork removal.

Estates® Corkpuller - Black
Estates® Corkpuller - Burgundy
Twistup® Corkpuller - Burgundy
Twistup® Corkpuller - Burgundy
The Volta™ Electric Corkscrew System - Red
Pockete™ Corkscrew - Black
Pockete™ Corkscrew - Burgundy
The Breeze™ Corkscrew Set
Epic Sur-Pull® Corkscrew
Bell Corkscrew - Wooden Handle

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