Serving Dishes & Trays

The next time you are throwing a party, use serving dishes and trays. There's no better way to bring multiple servings of hors d' oeuvres or drinks at one time to guests than with a party serving tray. We have many serving dishes and tray to choose from, include two serving domes. These are especially helpful for food service outdoors. Our designs range from formal to festive, and they are made from quality materials. Next time the hors d' oeuvres go around, your guests will see you know how to do a party right.

Fleur De Lis Bubble Glass Divided Dish
Fleur De Lis Bubble Glass Elongated Platter
Fleur De Lis Bubble Glass Platter
Vintage Chic Show & Server Dome
Rooster Bubble Glass Divided Dish
Rooster Bubble Glass Platter
Rooster Bubble Glass Server
Rooster Show & Server Dome
Rooster Melamine Serving Tray
Paris Melamine Serving Tray
Polka Dots Melamine Serving Tray
Lazy Susan Bamboo Cheese Board Set
Executive Chef Snack Serving Dish
Cork Collector's Tray
Cork Collector's Tray
Price: $28.95 

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