Western™ Collection

Back to the basics of hard work out in the open air, that's what inspired the Western Collection. It's filled with all the great elements of western life: denim, leather, wood and metal, all fashioned into cowboy boots and hats, horseshoes and saloon signs just to name a few. Come on it pardner!

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Guitar Cork Cage® Ornament
Turquoise Bottle Stopper
Turquoise Bottle Stopper
Price: $18.95 
Cowboy Boot Bottle Stopper
Horseshoe Bottle Stopper
Horseshoe Bottle Stopper
Price: $16.95 
Western Charms Bottle Stopper
CORK CAGE® - Cowboy Boot Bottle Stopper
Rustic Horseshoe Bottle Stopper
Horse & Horseshoes Enamel Bottle Stopper
Wine Saloon Enamel Bottle Stopper
Cowboy Hat Bottle Stopper
Pistol Hand-Decorated Shot Glass
Wine Bandit™ Hand-Decorated Wine Glass
Beer Bandit™ Hand-Decorated Pilsner Glass
Western Icons Coasters
Western Icons Coasters
Price: $7.95 
Horseshoe & Horse Stone Coaster Set
Outlaw & Wine Saloon Stone Coaster Set
Horseshoes Spreader & Fork Set
Horseshoe & Star Wood Cutting Board
Western Icons Wood Cutting Board & Napkin Gift Set
Flat Bottle Cheese Server - Amber
Wine Bandit™ Cheese Server - Regular
Wine Bandit™ Cheese Server - Large
Wine Bandit™ Cheese Server Gift Set
Wine Bandit™ Beverage Napkins
Wine Bandit™ Dinner Napkins
Wine Bandit™ Guest Towel Napkins
Tooled Leather Beverage Napkins
Tooled Leather Dinner Napkins
Tooled Leather Guest Towel Napkins
Western Icons Beverage Napkins
Western Icons Dinner Napkins
Western Icons Guest Towel Napkins
Western Icons Bottle Cap My Glass® Charms
Price: $28.95 
CORK CAGE® - Cowboy Boot
CORK CAGE® - Guitar
CORK CAGE® - Guitar
Price: $33.95 
Cowboy Hat Bottle Holder
Cowboy Hat Bottle Holder
Price: $26.95 
Denim Bottle Apron
Denim Bottle Apron
Price: $6.95 
Denim Hostess Apron
Denim Hostess Apron
Price: $23.95 
Denim Fabric Bottle Gift Bag
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