Spreading the Wealth: Cottonwood Cellars Opens New Tasting Room Locations!

Cottonwood Cellars is bringing the fresh mountain terroir of the incomparable Uncompahgre Valley to a tasting room near you, Coloradoans! With three new tasting rooms sprinkled across the Rocky Mountain State, it has never been more convenient to sample »

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Drinking Games: King’s Cup

Everybody gather ‘round, circle the cards, and show off your royal drinking and thinking prowess – but whatever you do, do not pick up that fourth and final King!

It’s time for King’s Cup – arguably the most social, entertaining »

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Flavor Flav’s Flavored Spirits!

Flavor Flav, the former Public Enemy member and VH1 Reality TV Star, has announced that his brand new line of alcoholic beverages is finally set to hit stores nationwide in January.

Called Le Flav Spirits, the company is releasing several flavored »

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Pabst Art: Win a Year of Beer and Have Fun Designing Online!

The one and only Pabst Blue Ribbon has a truly unique website dedicated to fan art and interesting happenings around the global Pabst community. The website also plays host to the annual Pabst Art Contest, in which art submitted »

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The Best Cheeses of 2010!

EpicStyle is celebrating the end of 2010 with a look back at the Best Award Winning Cheeses from this year! Check out our list of Ultimate Champion Cheeses below, and then head over to Epic’s Online Store for all »

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Great Holiday Gift Ideas: New Books from EpicStyle!

The All New Wine for Dummies is in! Get it together with Bartending for Dummies or one of our other Bar and Wine Books.

Whether you’re looking for information on wine and wineries, searching for the best cocktail guides available, »

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Famous Wine Lists: Aureole Las Vegas

When Charlie Palmer decided to expand his New York City sensation Aureole to a second location, he wanted to make sure it lived up to its sister restaurant in the Big Apple. Here we are all these years later, »

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Wilco Selects: Oranic Ethiopia Sidama Homecho Waeno Coffee

Wake up with Wilco Selects, the limited edition coffee coming this month from the indie rock legends. The avant gard band of musicians is new to the coffee business, but with the help of Intelligentsia’s Cupping Lab, Wilco had »

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Manatawny Creek Winery: Running on the Sun

“Manatawny Creek” may be Native American for “Where we meet to drink,” but nowadays the winery that boasts the Pennsylvania waterway’s name has become famous for more than its fine wines. One of the region’s leading wineries in the »

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5 Star Getaways: Barcelo La Bobadilla

Tucked away in the rolling hills of southern Spain, an Andalusian-style palace still sits peacefully under the sun, inviting guests from around the world to relax and lavish in this hidden resort paradise.

Set on a private, 1000 acre estate, the »

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