Stop Or Your Wine Quality Will Be Shot! How to Extend the Life of Your Opened Wine Bottles

Time to tackle that age-old question: How long does wine last after it is opened?

24 hours?  36?  Two days?  A week?

Well there is a reason that the answer is not so simple.  It turns out that both the type of wine and storing setting, in addition to many other environmental factors, each influence the rate of oxidation (translate: help turn your wine into vinegar).  That being said, it is possible to extend the life of your wine after it has been opened and exposed to the air.  Follow EpicStyle’s Wine Preservation Checklist and you will hopefully never have to perform the dreaded pour-half-your-favorite-bottle-down-the-drain death!

By taking the extra care to keep your wine in cool, dark locations and making sure to seal your opened bottles with you choice of EpicStyle’s Wine Stoppers or our specially designed Epic Wine Savor Preservation System, doubling the life of your unfinished favorites has never been easier.