Drinking Games: King’s Cup

Everybody gather ‘round, circle the cards, and show off your royal drinking and thinking prowess – but whatever you do, do not pick up that fourth and final King!

It’s time for King’s Cup – arguably the most social, entertaining and revealing drinking game ever created – and all you have to do to play is pick a card!

Required to Play:

How to Play:

  • Place your Customized Acrylic Wine Glass from EpicStyle in the middle of a table – this is your ‘King’s Cup’
  • Spread the deck of Jack Daniels Playing Cards face down around the Kings Cup
  • Sit in a circle around the table
  • Pick a card and perform the corresponding task (as listed below)
  • After completing the task, remove the card from the table and allow the person to your left to pick a card and perform the corresponding task (continue in a clockwise progression until all four Kings have been revealed – thus ending the game)

Cards and Corresponding Rules:

  • AMake a Rule: Far and away the most exciting card to draw! Not only do you escape any drinking requirements for your turn, but you get to make up ANY rule you want that must be adhered to by ALL players for the ENTIRE game. Popular rules include: drinking only with your left hand, disallowing curse words, and outlawing the use of proper names. Have fun with your rule and use it to your advantage – or just to get a few laughs!

  • 2You: The person who drew the card may choose anyone to take a drink

  • 3Me: The person who drew the card must take a drink

  • 4Floor: After this card is drawn, everyone must point to the floor – the last person to do so must drink (note: this is usually done silently, so that the person who is not paying attention ends up drinking)

  • 5 Guys: All male players must drink

  • 6 Chicks: All female players must drink

  • 7Heaven: Similar to the four card, except everyone must point to the sky – the last person to do so must drink

  • 8Mate: The person who drew the card must choose a drinking partner – from then on, every time your drinking partner has to drink, you do too!

  • 9 Bust-a-Rhyme: Starting with the person who drew the card, progress around the circle in a clockwise direction stating a sentence that rhymes with the previous sentence. For example, if the drawing player starts with “I love beer,” the next person must say something along the lines of “Bambi was a deer” or “I’ve never read King Lear,” etc. This continues until a player cannot think of a rhyme and must drink.

  • 10 Never Have I Ever: One of the juiciest cards to pull, the Never Have I Ever requires the player who drew the card to state something that they have never done in their lives (usually something that would be embarrassing and/or secretive). Any player that has actually done the act must drink – thereby admitting their lack of innocence. Popular examples are “Never Have I Ever kissed on the first date” etc.

  • JCategories: The drawing player chooses a generic category. The game moves around clockwise until a player cannot think of an example of that category and therefore must drink. An example for the Category “American Beers” would be “Budweiser,” “Miller,” etc.

  • Q Questions: One of the most unassuming cards to draw, the Queen’s Question is surprisingly often the most embarrassing and inexplicably difficult of tasks. The seemingly simple task is to ask any question to a fellow player, who in turn must answer with a question of their own aimed at another player – the process continues until a player is unable to answer a question with a question that has not yet been asked and must therefore drink

  • KKing’s Cup: Although the drawing of this card does not immediately result in any drinking or participation from the other players, it is unquestionably the most daunting card to draw! The first three players to draw a King may pour any amount of their beverage into the designated ‘King’s Cup’ in the center of the table. The fourth player to draw a King, however, is automatically determined the loser of the game and must drink whatever mixture has been created in the King’s Cup in its entirety. So be nice to your fellow players, or else they might make fill that King’s Cup with a less-than-enticing concoction!

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