And The Annual Absolut Art Award Goes To…

Argentina-born Thai artist Rirkrit Tiravanija will be the recipient of the second annual Absolut Art Award on November 4.  The honor, which comes complete with a € 15.000 prize, was established to celebrate innovative and non-conventional contemporary artists around the world.

Tiravanija earned this year’s award, according to the jury’s official citation, “for his ability to rule out conventional categorization.  Tiravanija’s expressive world is one of hospitality and generosity.  Through social events, cooking, sharing, and architectural environments, often reflecting on art, Rirkrit humbly invites the audience to interact.”

Tiravanija’s art has become famous for its interactive elements; indeed his shows often rely on the participation of others.  Whether he’s cooking and serving curry during his exhibition, building a self-sustained rice farm as an art project, or publishing magazines without any text, Rirkrit Tiravanija is constantly making us rethink the way we approach art.

And just in case you forgot about Absolut’s artistic accomplishments, EpicStyle is serving up a little reminder of our past favorites: