Famous Wine Lists: Aureole Las Vegas

When Charlie Palmer decided to expand his New York City sensation Aureole to a second location, he wanted to make sure it lived up to its sister restaurant in the Big Apple. Here we are all these years later, and there is no question that the dining experience at Aureole Las Vegas has lived up to expectations. But after all, who expected a restaurant that invites patrons to dine under a four story Wine Tower to disappoint?

Yes, the famous Wine Tower of Aureole Las Vegas… 42ft tall with a 14ft base, this climate controlled, Plexiglass wine storage structure showcases almost 10,000 of the restaurants 60,000 bottles of wine – that’s right… 60,000! And to make this restaurant experience even more memorable, designer Adam Tihany decided that each bottle of wine in the tower is to be retrieved by a “Wine Angel” – a special member of the Aureole team that navigates up the tower by way of mechanical hoists. If this sounds anything to you like a Mission: Impossible film, that’s because it is supposed to be; the famed restaurant designer was actually inspired by the Tom Cruise film.

And with Aureole Las Vegas’ digital, touch-screen Wine List, patrons often find themselves navigating the wine selection as gracefully as the Wine Angels – and now you can too!

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Aureole LV – Will Work for Food – April 2009 from Charlie Palmer Group on Vimeo.

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