Wilco Selects: Oranic Ethiopia Sidama Homecho Waeno Coffee

Wake up with Wilco Selects, the limited edition coffee coming this month from the indie rock legends. The avant gard band of musicians is new to the coffee business, but with the help of Intelligentsia’s Cupping Lab, Wilco had to do little more than taste test and choose their favorite roast.

And the winner is… Organic Ethiopia Sidama Homecho Waeno! Fresh from the Sidama region of Ethiopa and grown by the Homecho Waeno co-op, this was a unanimous selection by the band. A press release offers this description of the coffee:

“The aromatics of coffee blossom and violet make way for an incredibly graceful and elegant cup. The body has a light and silky quality, like fresh whipped cream, that beautifully compliments the ever-present note of citron, juniper berry and vanilla. As it cools, the cup blossoms into notes of confectioner’s sugar, rosehips, and soft raisin, resonating on a pristine finish with a touch of milk chocolate.”

In addition to the official Wilco Selects: Organic Ethiopia Sidama Homecho Waeno, Wilco is offering a decaf coffee. Since no one in the band actually selected this roast, however, Wilco is cleverly calling it Wilco Doesn’t Select: Direct Trade Decaf Los Inmortales from El Borbollon, El Salvador El Salvador. The following description is provided:

“Juicy and buoyant, this Direct Trade Decaf Los Inmortales displays articulate honey dew melon, kiwi fruit and a candied lime acidity. Tertiary notes of juniper berry and macadamia nuts surface towards the finish of sweet sandalwood.”

Both varieties, available separate or together along with two Home Town Mugs and a “mystery gift” from the band, can be purchased online at Wilco’s Official Website.

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