Manatawny Creek Winery: Running on the Sun

“Manatawny Creek” may be Native American for “Where we meet to drink,” but nowadays the winery that boasts the Pennsylvania waterway’s name has become famous for more than its fine wines. One of the region’s leading wineries in the growing trend toward eco-friendly sustainable practices, Manatawny Creek Winery has been running off the solar power panels that line its rooftop since 2007.

With enough solar panels to supply about half of the wineries energy output, together with the tax benefits from contributing to the public energy grid, Manatawny Creek Winery is not spending much – if anything – on electricity.

And the energy bill is not the only thing that is making Mantawny owner Joanne Levengood happy these days. Levengood is pleased to report that Mantawny Creek just wrapped up “The most fabulous harvest we’ve ever had in 2010!”

In the words of Levengood, Manatawny Creek’s 25 types of wine include “Something for everybody.” Try their popular semi-sweet varietals such as the Riesling and Autumn Blush Blend, or explore their Meritage and Syrah vintages!

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