Canyon Wind Cellars: Channeling Success through Colorado’s Mountains

It takes a student of the earth to identify and select the ideal location to start a vineyard. And it’s no coincidence that Geologist-turned-Canyon Wind Cellars founder Norman Christianson has had such success with the property he choose for his estate winery. We spoke with Christianson’s son Jay to learn a bit more about the unique Colorado terroir.

“This is wine country in Colorado,” Christianson says. “Pretty isolated, right against the Colorado River, views are phenomenal,” he continues, “it’s a delightful place.” Take a look at the mountainous cliffs that line the horizon and you’ll agree – this is a very picturesque place. But it is the function of these cliff walls that really makes this winery special. By funneling a wind channel over the valley vineyard, the grapes are kept warm in the cool altitude, allowing the soil to remain fertile and the growing season to last longer than some of its Colorado neighbors. The result: Canyon Wind Cellars’ Award Winning Wines such as their popular 2008 47-Ten Blend and 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Canyon Wind Cellars isn’t solely focused on the terroir, however. The estate winery is also known for its high-end customer service and comfortable boutique tasting rooms. Visit either one of their Colorado locations to enjoy the professional, self-contained winery for yourself, and check back with EpicStyle for updates on the soon-to-come release of Canyon Wind Cellars highly anticipated 2008 47-Ten White Wine!

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