Snyder Winery: Standing Tall in the Magic Valley

High in the mountains of the Magic Valley lies one of Southern Idaho’s most enchanting fine dining destinations: Synder Winery and Steakhouse Restaurant.

Winner of five silver medals at the Northwest Wine Press Competition, Snyder Winery is fast gaining a reputation for the quality of its wines. Their 2006 Cabernet Franc and Syrah vintages are the talk of the region, and Snyder is still perhaps the only winery in the state producing a White Syrah.

And the best part about Snyder Winery – the wine is just one of the many things for visitors to enjoy! Unparalleled views of the Magic Valley extend in every direction from the hilltop estate, while elegant Koi ponds, flower beds and wooden bridges are sprinkled throughout the grounds.

But the thing that has everybody packing their bags for Buhl, Idaho, is the 30oz steak at Snyder Winery’s Steakhouse Restaurant. Commonly referred to by customers as “the best steak they’ve ever had,” the prime cuts of locally raised Black Angus are served up on the winery’s all enclosed deck where dining parties are treated to the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the restaurant. The steakhouse is open Friday-Saturday and reservations are required, so call today and experience the beauty of the Magic Valley for yourself!

Visit Synder Winery’s website at or call (208)543-6938 for more information.

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