Marques de Riscal: Spain’s City of Wine

What is the ideal environment for a winery? Is it an open vineyard, surrounded only by crisp European air and archaic stone structures outdating your entire wine collection? Or is it within the comfort of a post-modern masterpiece with the world’s most advanced architecture and amenities that you picture your wine-sipping dream world?

Well I’m not one for tough decisions, so I’ll just recommend the place that brings the best of both worlds: the Marques de Riscal Hotel and Winery in Spain’s Ciudad de Vino.

Consisting of both the oldest winery in the region (Marques de Riscal) and one of the most futuristic looking buildings in Europe (designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry), the Ciudad del Vino offers a unique setting for growing, tasting and enjoying wine unlike any other on the planet.

Oh, and just in case you can’t wait for your next European vacation to sample the region’s Rioja creations, Marques de Riscal produces some really excellent wines that are readily available all over the world and in the United States… just pick up a bottle of the Finca Torrea at your local Trader Joe’s and save those miles you’ve been saving up!

Want to learn more about Marques de Riscal’s Rioja ’04? Check out EpicStyle’s Wine Review and find out why it’s a steal at only around $15/bottle at your local supermarket.

Also be sure to check out the winery’s beautiful website and get hypnotized into relaxation heaven with their interactive Sensaciones Vivas experience.