Flavor of the Week: Adult Chocolate Milk!

“Re-taste your youth. At 40 proof.”

Chocolate milk is back and better than ever before! And it’s all thanks to Adult Chocolate Milk, the latest rage in flavored spirits to hit the US market.

The recipe for this ready-to-pour-and-serve alcoholic beverage was dreamed up in a Newport Beach, CA kitchen by local woman Tracy Reinhardt, but the decision to produce and market Adult Chocolate Milk commercially actually came from her former high school classmate Nikki Halbur. Halbur was immediately interested in Reinhardt’s concoction when she read her Facebook status: “Tracy Reinhardt is enjoying some Adult Chocolate Milk!” Soon thereafter, Reinhardt’s recipe and Halbur’s marketing experience helped the tasty treat develop into one of the trendiest alcholic beverages on the market.

Although Reinhardt and Halbur were at first caught off guard by their sudden and unexpected success, the two have adapted quickly and are already preparing to go nation-wide with their company, Adult Beverage Co., by the end of January.

Grab a bottle today and try Adult Chocolate Milk’s recommended drinks below, and keep an eye out for new flavor releases from the Adult Beverage Co. including Adult Orange Cream, Adult Fruit Punch and Adult Limeade!

Adult Chocolate Milk Chocomintini
• 1 oz Adult Chocolate Milk
• 1/4 oz Peppermint Schnapps
• 1/4 oz Dark Creme de Menthe
• 1 oz Vanilla Vodka.
Mix ingredients. Serve in a chocolate syrup-lined martini glass with crushed candy cane rim or with a peppermint patty garnish. For a nice twist, you can also serve it as a frozen drink with ice, heavy cream and chocolate syrup.

Adult Chocolate Milk Naughty Night Cap
• 2 oz Adult Chocolate Milk
• 1/2 oz Coffee Liqueur 1/2 oz Amaretto
• A Splash of Grenadine.
Mix ingredients. Serve chilled as a martini or on the rocks.

Adult Chocolate Milk White Delight
• 1 oz Adult Chocolate Milk
• 1 oz Amaretto
• 1 oz Heavy Cream
• Nutmeg for Garnish.
Mix ingredients and serve cold. Or serve it warmed with the addition of 1 oz Triple Sec and Whipped Cream.