The Tastiest Healthy Beers!

We all know that beer makes you fat… right? Well, of course too much of a good thing is never healthy, but recent scientific research has confirmed that drinking beer in moderation can actually be as beneficial for your body as red wine! But drinker beware – only a handful of beers provide the two things that us health-conscious beverage enthusiasts are after: taste and nutritional value. Follow EpicStyle’s List of the Tastiest Healthy Beers and change the way you think about beer today!

New Belgium Skinny Dip
One of our favorite craft breweries, New Belgium, makes this low calorie option with only 7 g/carbs.  With only 110 calories and all of the classic New Belgium flavor we have come to love, there was no way this tasty option was falling off our list!

Eel River Organic California Blonde Ale
Northern California’s Eel River Brewing Company was the first to create a wholly organic beer. Now with seven organic options to choose from, we’re hard-pressed to choose a favorite, so we’ll just recommend their lightest ale, the award winning Eel River Blonde Ale, as the healthiest choice.

Butte Creek Organic Pilsner
Makers of the self-proclaimed “Official Beer of Planet Earth,” Butte Creek is another innovator in the ever-growing world of organic beers. Try all four of their organic ales and lagers for quality ingredients you can trust, beginning with their gold medal winning Organic Pilsner.

Bell Beer Two Hearted Ale
Often lost in the discussion of healthy beers is nutrition – and not just a lack of calories. To capitalize on all of the good things inside beer, choose an ale with a high hop content. Bell’s Beer’s Two Hearted Ale is one of those rare beers that manages to balance great taste with an intense hop presence.

Guinness Draught
That’s right, one of the most notoriously dark and filling beers in the world is also one of the healthiest. It seems impossible that this Irish stout contains only 125 calories and 10 g/carbs, but it is remarkably true!

Speaking of Healthy Beer…
What Ever Happened to these Geniuses?

In 2008 a group of students from Houston’s Rice University set out to genetically engineer Biobeer: the healthiest beer on the planet. Their plan: isolate the beneficial components of red wine and integrate them into their own beer’s DNA. Simple right? Well, it sounded like they were actually going to pull it off, but two years down the road we still haven’t seen it. So why aren’t the major beer companies fighting over this scientific recipe for cancer-fighting, heart disease-preventing beer? Hopefully the original inventors are still just perfecting their potion and haven’t yet moved on to building space shuttles, bombs, or whatever it is that creative engineers like this do for a living. In the meantime, I’ll be waiting patiently for Biobeer to appear in the beer section of my local health food store.

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