Drinking Games: Liar’s Dice

It’s lady luck time again, and this week we are focusing on an unusual type of drinking game – one that involves skill…

That’s right, put your poker face on because we’re playing Liar’s Dice of Pirates of the Caribbean and Red Dead Redemption fame.

Need to Play:

  1. EpicStyle Aviator Dice Cup
  2. Five dice/person
  3. Beer and/or alcohol of choice
  4. Horrible Poker Face
  5. Strong Stomach
  6. Sense of Hour


  1. Each player receives five dice and an EpicStyle Aviator Dice Cup
  2. Players roll their dice and keep them concealed beneath EpicStyle Aviator Dice Cup
  3. First player makes a bid by calling out any number of a possible dice face values other than 1, which is a wildcard, that they claim to have rolled (i.e. three 2’s; four 4’s; one 6; etc.)
  4. The next player must increase the bid by either upping the number of the previous face values that they hold (i.e. follow “three 2’s” with “four 2’s”) or by changing the face value used but maintaining or raising the number claimed (i.e. following “three 2’s” with “three 3’s” or “four 3’s”)
  5. The game continues until a player “calls out” the claims of the player whose turn it is.  Players are “called out” by the shouting any variation of the term “Liar!” (making up things to yell is often the most entertaining part!)
  6. If the player was rightfully called out (he or she was lying) he or she must drink accordingly.  But, if the player was not lying (and actually possesses at least the stated quantity of face values) the person who called them out must drink

Check out the video below for a classic Liar’s Dice showdown…  And remember, like most drinking games, there are countless variations on the game of Liar’s Dice, so feel free to share your favorite rule changes in our comments section.