Best ‘No Corkage Fee’ Destinations: Restaurants by The Hillstone Group

There is nothing better than going to your favorite restaurant, drinking exactly the bottle of wine you wanted, and paying only the market (and not restaurant) price for it. Bringing your own wine to restaurants is fantastic – especially when the restaurant not only tolerates, but encourages customers to bring in their own wine. And that is exactly how it feels walking into one of The Hillstone Group’s many outstanding restaurants.

From the hearty portions at Houston’s and Bandera to the elegant salads of Gulfstream and Café R&D, the Hillstone Group’s restaurants cover a wide range of culinary treats and settings that are sure to cater to almost any craving one might have for fine American dining. Great food, chic dining environments, and no corkage fee? That’s a pairing we would recommend any day.

It’s time to take the stigma away from bringing your own wine out to dinner and to embrace those glorious “no corkage fee” establishments, so please tell us about your favorite “no corkage fee” destinations in the comments below!