Health Benefits: White vs. Red Wine

We’ve all heard that a glass of red wine a day helps keep the doctor away, but what about those delicious whites chilling in the refrigerator? Well, for those health-conscious wine drinkers that have been stocking their vitamin and supplement shelves strictly with Cabs, Pinot, and Merlot are going to need to make some space. That’s right, EpicStyle is giving you the go ahead to throw out those 10 year-old chewable multi-vi’s to make room for your favorite white wine varieties and all of their beneficial and healthy components.

Recent studies on the health benefits of white wine are indicating that it may be just as useful as reds in the prevention of major heart and kidney problems thanks to the naturally occurring antioxidants tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol. And although these antioxidants are generally less concentrated than their counterparts found in red wine, they are actually more easily absorbed by the human body. White wine has also proved helpful in slowing the aging process (Hallelujah!), regulating diabetes, boosting the immune system, and increasing cognitive function in the elderly. Prescribe yourself a glass today!

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