Flavor of the Week: Grey Goose La Poire Flavored Vodka

Grey Goose La Poire, the fourth flavored vodka to come from the trend-setting French vodka company, joyfully blends one of the smoothest vodkas in the world with the unique taste of Anjou pears.

Balancing the sweetness of French pears with the elegant taste that has come to define Grey Goose vodka, La Poire adds up to more than your average flavored spirit.  Honeysuckle and other floral aromas complete the bouquet of flavors that has chefs and bartenders the world over experimenting with new concoction creations such as the “Peartini” and the “Pear Flower” detailed below.

Take at look at the latest Grey Goose commercial from the cutting-edge Digital Kitchen advertising agency and experience the modern elegance of La Poire:

Grey Goose “La Poire” DK from Bryce Wymer on Vimeo.

Want to learn more about the unique flavor infusion that is Grey Goose La Poire Flavored Vodka?  Watch the embedded video below and hear about the inspiration behind Grey Goose’s latest product straight from the mouth of Maitre de Chai Francois Thibault:

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