Flavor of the Week: Absolut Berri Açaí

Absolut, our favorite flavored-vodka pioneer, returned with yet another tantalizing treat for your tastebuds in 2010.  This time, the Swedish company made our pick as EpicStyle Flavor of the Week by tapping into the samba spirit of the “it” fruit of the day: açaí.

Absolut Berri Açaí is just the latest flavor that Absolut Vodka has released since it introduced flavored-vodka to the US with 1988’s Absolut Citron (there are about a dozen now), but it is the first to combine multiple fruits for a mixed blend.  Combining blueberry, pomegranate, and of course the Amazonian açaí berry into what might be their most delicious concoction yet, Absolut has once again proved itself as the trend-setting innovator of the vodka world.

About Açaí:
Açaí grows primarily in the Amazon Rainforest and has been used by the region local cultures for many years.  The small fruit is not actually a berry, but is nonetheless high in antioxidants and other health benefits and is a popular breakfast item in Brazil when blended with ice and topped with granola and other items to taste.  Açaí has recently been marketed as a “miracle supplement” for almost every disease and disorder out there, and although this may not be true, there is no lying about the incredible flavor that this little fruit has become famous for.