A Growing Business: Brentwood Spices and Olive Oil

Fifteen years ago, California’s Contra Costa County did not host a single olive oil company.  Today, however, the Bay Area region is setting the trends of the blossoming oil industry… and it is all thanks to one trend-setting small business known as Brentwood Spice and Olive Oil.

Since Brentwood Spice and Olive Oil’s co-founders became the first in county history to plant olive trees for commercial production in 1998, the region’s cool climate and exceptional irrigation have made expanding the business a no-brainer.  Now growing five varietals of olive and partnering with several local spice companies, Brentwood Spice and Olive Oil is taking its small-town charm to a much larger audience on the world wide web.

Co-founder Dawn Fischer’s innovative recipes, quality products, and ability to relate to the customer are not to be lost among the reasons for Brentwood’s success.  Her daily, in-store oil tastings and recipe recommendations have become local favorites, and Brentwood Spice and Olive Oil’s online Club Vinolivo is helping her to bring her ingredients and advice to foodies all across the country.

Be sure to stop by Brentwood Spice and Olive Oil’s Online Store and browse their unique olive oil flavors (Basil, Blood Orange or Jalapeno, anyone?) and custom spices (over 250 spices and 40 low-sodium blends to choose from)!

Club Vinolivo: Click Here to sign up for your four yearly shipments of wine, olive oil and selected gourmet items  from Brentwood Spice and Olive Oil

Recommended Recipe: Click Here to make your own Warm Pasta Salad with Mushrooms and Radicchio

If You’re Brave Enough: Contact Dawn and ask her to help you roast a whole pig!