The Truth About Synthetic Corks

Unfortunately, many good wines are being overlooked by shoppers because of their corks – or lack thereof.  But EpicStyle wants the truth to be known: bottles using synthetic corks or twist-off caps are not necessarily second-class citizens of the wine world.

True, it is characteristic of lower-quality wines to opt for the cheaper synthetic corks, but with the cork tree industry rising in demand and lowering in supply each passing day, many respectable wineries are going synthetic as well.  Indeed, the use of actual cork is no longer a telltale sign a wine’s quality.

In fact, some wine connoisseurs are even praising the use of synthetic corks.  It turns out that steering away from cork is the best way of preventing the common, troublesome fungus that has been known to make its home inside wine corks and taint the taste of even the most cared for and expensive of wines.

Try these wines that use synthetic corks or twist-off caps and you may never shy away from a cork-less bottle again.  Besides, once you pop the cork, you should be replacing it with an Epic Style wine stopper anyway to preserve that freshness!

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