Lasting Quality: Preserving Your Opened Wine Bottles with EpicStyle’s Wine Savor Preservation System

Wine is a delicate item. We all know and recognize this. We store our wine in specially designed locations, we leave bottles unopened until the opportune moment, and we attempt to put all opened bottles to good use before the inevitable (and quick) onset of oxidation takes away the once beautiful balance of taste and quality that we go through so much trouble to enjoy.

But the lifecycle of your opened wine bottles doesn’t have to be so short, dramatic and disappointing. In fact, with proper care and just the right tools, you can easily extend the life of your opened bottles!

And with Epic’s Wine Savor Preservation System, pumping new life into your favorite wines has never been easier. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll never look at an unfinished wine bottle the same way again!

Insert Your Epic Wine Savor into the Mouth of Your Unfinished Wine Bottle
Simply place your specially designed bottle stopper (inclusive) into the opening of your wine bottle and position the Epic Wine Savor around it. Please note that it doesn’t matter how much wine is left in the bottle, because once the cork has been removed all of the wine has been exposed to oxidation and has begun losing quality already!

Begin Pumping
The specially designed Epic Wine Savor comes with an easy-to-grip handle that allows you to comfortably vacuum out any and all excess oxygen that has made its way into the bottle. Feel with your own hands as the pressure lifts and you reestablish that all-important airtight seal – by removing all of the oxygen, your wine will not continue to lose quality.

Push, Release, and Drink
When ready to resume drinking your bottle, simply press on the center of the stopper and watch as it comes free and releases the airtight seal. Pour and enjoy!

As you can see, the Wine Savor Preservation System from EpicStyle comes complete with all the tools you’ll need to extend the life of your opened wine bottles. Visit EpicStyle’s Online Store today to browse and purchase your own!

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