EpicStyle’s Hosting Tips: Fresh New Music for Your Wine Sipping Party Guests!

Brian Eno, the former Roxy Music glam-rocker and legendary music producer (see Talking Heads, Devo), is back with yet another masterful release this fall.  His latest solo effort, Small Craft on a Milk Sea, marks the singer/songwriter/composer/producer’s first recording with the trend-setting Warp Records.

Ideal for those introspective nights spent at home with a bottle of wine, the beautiful, ambient sounds that have come to define Eno’s music over the years are back and more enchanting than ever on Small Craft, released in the US on November 2.  However, please note that the oft lengthy and instrumental tracks do get a little intense at times, so if you plan on playing this album while entertaining, you might want to pick out a few of the more melodic standouts for your desired playlist.

Click here to buy or preview high quality tracks off Small Craft on a Milk Sea!

Still not sure if this new music is for you? Rediscover the beauty of Brian Eno’s music with this epic instrumental duet performed with King Crimson’s guitar genius Robert Fripp:

Craving another Brian Eno blast-from-the-past? Learn about the man behind the music with this revealing 1980’s interview: