Consume Every Ounce: Arrowhead Wine Cellars

Fresh fruit, fine wine, and everything in between… Welcome to Arrowhead Wine Cellars.

Nestled between the shore of Lake Erie and the highlands of the Allegheny Mountains, Arrowhead Wine Cellars sits in a bed of fertile soil that has been revered for its quality since first harvested by Native American settlers many years ago. In fact, it was the artifacts that these Native Americans left behind, including the many age-old flint arrowheads still found amongst the farm and vineyard, which inspired the name of the winery. Owner Kathy Mobilia explains, “We noticed how a simple thing like a piece of flint could last for generations after it had been handcrafted into an arrowhead, and we wanted to do the same thing with our grapes.” She continues, “We want to create wine that will last.”

And Mobilia’s commitment to achieving such longevity in the form of Arrowhead’s warm, inviting, and innovative estate winery has not gone unnoticed since the winery opened its doors in 1998; many of Arrowhead’s 20-plus wines have received honors and awards from international wine competitions including the Finger Lakes and Florida State International Wine Competitions, among others. Please Click Here to view Arrowhead’s entire list of winners.

But Arrowhead’s prowess is not limited to just wine – in fact, the farm first became successful growing fruits other than grapes including cherries, peaches and apples. To this day, the Mobilia family still runs a nearby roadside produce market, but it is the use of these fruits in the winery that has the most potential for success. With such an array of fine fruit growing on their estate, the Mobilia’s have been able to perfect the balance of their sweet and fruit wines as few others have. Stop by and sample their current specialty wine – the Green Apple St. Patrick’s Day Wine – available while supplies last!

Arrowhead Wine Cellars is also home to one of the largest gift shops in the area. Carrying everything from corkscrews to picnic packs, the gift shop at Arrowhead is sure to have the wine or entertaining accessory you are looking for.

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To learn more about Arrowhead Wine Cellars, please Click Here to visit their Official Website.

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