Destination New England: Taylor Brook Winery

Tucked into the scenic rolling hills of northeastern Connecticut, more than two thousand carefully cultivated vines are readying their fruits for yet another fantastic year at Taylor Brooke Winery.

The vineyard and winery, which just recently opened in June 2004, has already produced more than 15 different varieties of wine – and has plans to release another new wine – a Merlot – this year! Indeed, Taylor Brooke Winery offers it all: fine semi-dry reds such as their Cabernet Franc, celebrated white wines including delicious Riesling and Chardonnay offerings, and even a popular line of delectable dessert wines headlined by the Chocolate Essence and Raspberry Rendezvous port-style creations.

Winemaker and co-owner Richard Auger’s unique winemaking techniques have helped lead to this innovation. Auger’s process involves group tasting, critique and discussion in the development of his wine; his passion and determination, combined with his openness to ideas and down-to-earth demeanor, has resulted in the array of tastes that Taylor Brooke continues to produce each year.

After traveling the scenic, curving country road to Taylor Brooke in the small town of Woodstock, Connecticut, visitors to the winery are welcomed by the Auger family, their personable dog Zima, and even an on-site bluebird sanctuary! The bluebirds look and sing beautifully, but the local birds were facing a dwindling population until people like the Auger’s began to help out. And, just as the Auger family cares for these birds, don’t forget that the bluebirds do their part to take care of the vineyard too – by eating up many of the pests and bugs that damage the vines! Along with the gorgeous country setting surrounding it, the inviting environment of Taylor Brooke Winery is sure to warm the heart of any traveler.

Fans of Taylor Brooke Winery might want to remain in the vineyard forever – and now, in a way, they can by adopting a vine from Taylor Brooke Winery! Own the vine, take part in the harvest, and help bottle the wine before taking home your own case at the end of each season. A wonderful treat to introduce yourself or a loved one to the winemaking experience, Taylor Brooke Winery’s Adopt-a-Vine program is much more than your traditional wine club!

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