Destination Columbia River Gorge: Maryhill Winery

Winding through the snowcapped Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest, the awe-inspiring Columbia River has served as a guide to travelers, explorers and those seeking to fulfill their own personal manifest destiny since the 19th Century’s first expeditions of Lewis and Clark. It’s no wonder then, that it was along this divine waterway that the founders of Maryhill Winery discovered the ideal terroir for their first attempt at winemaking. And after speaking with Maryhill’s young, enthusiastic, and committed team, it comes as no surprise that the winery has already seen such unprecedented success since opening its doors in 2001.

With 360 degree views of Mt. Hood, the Columbia River Gorge, and the endless vineyards and natural beauty that define this region’s gorgeous landscape, Maryhill Winery is indeed a destination in itself. And when you factor in the winery’s elegant 3000 sq ft tasting room, world-class fine art museum, and the shady oasis of the winery’s Tuscan arbor and patio, it becomes clear why Maryhill has grown so fast as both a winery and a tourist destination.

And if the serene escape of the naturally calm Columbia River Gorge does not appeal to you as an ideal vacation destination, don’t forget that Maryhill also plays host to some of the finest entertainment in the Pacific Northwest. Maryhill’s Outdoor Amphitheater is known for bringing some of the biggest names in music to the Columbia River Gorge; last year’s impressive Summer Concert Series included such acts as Train, Lyle Lovett, and Jackson Browne. The ampitheater seats about 4,000 and is directly adjacent to the winery! Be sure to visit the Official Concert Calendar on Maryhill Winery’s website for up-to-date listings and events.

Of course, even the most picturesque and inviting locations cannot guarantee the success of a winery… Luckily, however, Maryhill’s wines more than match the beauty and elegance of their surroundings. The region’s comparatively warm climate, funneling winds, and Walla Walla silt loam soil make for an ideal winemaking terroir. The unique setting has allowed Maryhill to produce 27 different vines from 18 different varietals; many of which are already award winners. Popular white options include the specialty Viognier and Gewurztraminer wines. For a desirable red, we recommend the Wine Press NW’s Platinum Award Winning Sangiovese, and both the Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve varieties have had much positive response as well.

And regardless of which wine you opt for, we can guarantee that it will be enjoyed under Maryhill’s magnificent Tuscan arbor. Shaded by grapevines overhead, the large deck seats more than 150 people comfortably and offers unprecedented views of the mountains and river. Enjoy a picnic outdoors or step inside the glorious tasting room to sample some of the region’s finest wines while seated at the glorious, antique Brunswick Bar. Handcrafted from Tiger Oak in 1880, this 20 ft long and 12 ft high bar boasts exquisite woodcarvings and inset mirrors that seem to bring the wine tasting experience to life. A wonderful centerpiece, Maryhill Winery’s Brunswick Bar stands testament to the craftsmanship, commitment, and passion that has allowed this wonderful winery to blossom.

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