Entertaining Outdoors

With the warmer weather and longer days, it’s only natural that you should have your next get-together outside. You can have the perfect party outdoors with a few helpful accessories to ensure everyone has a good time.

Better (and Safer) Than Glass

Avoid the clean up nightmare and safety issues of broken glass. Your guests will stay happily well-stocked with food and drink with non-glass or ceramic plates, glasses, and other dining and drinking accessories. Here are a few wine, bar and dining products that fit the bill for entertaining outdoors.

1. Plastic Buffet Plate

The plastic buffet plate is a must-have at any gathering where guests will be standing, eating and drinking. The ingenious design of this unique clear plastic plate features a stemware holder which allows you to firmly hold the plate and a glass in one hand. Unless you have 3 hands, this will make life a whole lot easier.

Epic Buffet Plate (pictured)

2. Acrylic Wine & Champagne Glasses

The number one thing that gets broken at a party….You guessed it, Glasses! Broken glass and patios or poolside settings, not a good mix. Save yourself the worry, and the expense with a set of Acrylic wine or champagne glasses. Save your fine crystal for more civilized sit-down affairs.

Uptown Acrylic Glassware (pictured)
More Acrylic Party Accessories

3. Inflatable Ice Bucket

This inflatable ice bucket is not just a safe outdoor alternative, it can go with you anywhere. Get creative in choosing the setting for your next outdoor gathering or romantic picnic and have perfectly chilled wine or champagne. Just a few quick puffs, add ice, and it’s ready.

Porta Cool Inflatable Ice Bucket (pictured)

There you have it. 3 ways to improve your next party or get-together outdoors.

What are your favorite outdoor entertaining products?