Famous Wine Lists: Hearth Restaurant

A great wine list is so much more than a collection of quality wines – it is a guide to pairings, a description of flavors, and, above all, an introduction to new dining possibilities. And while many wine lists rely on the elegance of their selection to speak for itself, the wine list at New York City’s Hearth Restaurant has become known for its poetic histories and creative descriptions that are helping patrons decide which wine, beer or spirit to pair with their meal.

While the collection at Hearth would be noteworthy simply for the wines included (there are several prize offerings to be found, see From the Cellar of a Distinguished Gentleman about 3/4 of the way down the list) it is the style in which the wine list is presented that is making it so effective. In fact, Hearth’s lengthy and sophisticated wine menu is so chalked full of stories, anecdotes and prose ramblings from a mysterious narrator that it seems unfitting to label it as a “list,” even though it is, perhaps, best described as a wonderfully useful and informative wine list.

Covering everything from beer to cider, whiskey to mescal, Alsace to Rubesco, the wine list at Hearth Restaurant is an extraordinary collection of information. And if you find yourself unable to stop reading through the tales of “schizophrenic” wine regions, “the most underrated beverage of the planet earth,” and the “greatest Italian wine ever made,” try to remember to stop and order a drink!

Hearth Restaurant is located at the corner of East 12th Street and First Ave., New York, New York.   Click Here for Map.

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