Looking for an Organic Pesticide? Try Live Falcons!

Napa Valley’s Cakebread Cellars, crafters of one of the tastiest Chardonnays on the planet, are getting creative with their sustainable practices in the vineyard.

Where scarecrows once dwelled, pesticides once poisoned, and nets once hung, live birds of prey are now running the show. That’s right – living, soaring, predatory falcons are now the pest control of choice for the respected winery!

An unusual technique, but the birds are perfectly suited to Cakebread’s pest problem. The falcons are not there to get rid of the small insects or microscopic pests, but are instead helping control the smaller birds – mostly starlings and finches – that have made a living out of snacking on the gorgeous grapes.

But now, “Once the birds see the falcon, they clear out.” Says Rebecca Rosen of Falcon Environmental Services. “People spend a lot of time and energy simulating the results ou get by using a predator,” she continues. “So, why not use a predator?”

Interesting theory, and with Cakebread’s level of quality and success, who could argue!?!

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