Samuel Adams Winter Lager: “The Best Thing on This Planet”

Samuel Adams makes its Winter Lager the way beer was made in Medieval Europe:

“Using more malt per liter to push up the potency of the beer, and to warm a beer drinker’s heart on long winter nights.”

The dark wheat bock’s complex taste is the result of a blend of cinnamons from Southeast Asia, ginger and orange peel. Bold and rich with an intense spice aroma, this beer is a wonderful complement to the holidays.

Samuel Adams Winter Lager was one of the first seasonal offerings from the craft beer company that has become known for its many limited edition lagers, and is available annually from November through January.

Click Here to visit the Samuel Adams Official Website and find a Winter Lager retailer near you. After all, it’s not every day that you find a beer described as “the best thing on this planet,” as the Winter Lager is in the video below!

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