Merry Christmas from Ghent’s Oldest Brewery!

Belgium’s Huyghe Brewery, now more than 350 years old, is back with the seasonal release of its winter Delirium Ale. And, of course, that mysterious little pink elephant on the iconic ceramic bottle is once again dressing up for the holidays!

Delirium Noel, the winter version of the popular Delirium Tremens and Nocturnum Ales, offers a crisp, peppery, and bitter take on the unique Delirium taste. And, with a 10% alcohol content, it is sure to keep you merry throughout the holidays!

Even more than for their incomparable taste, though, the Delirium’s beers have gained a reputation for their design. The classic, cologne ceramic exterior of the bottle is known for its artistic depictions of the famous Delirium Pink Elephant, and the seasonal Delirium Noel is no different. The exciting bottle makes Delirium Noel a great choice for holiday parties!

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