Archive: January, 2011

Destination Elk Country, PA: Elk Mountain Winery

In the midst of a cold and crisp Pennsylvania winter, there is no warmer escape than that provided by friends, food and fine wine. So what better feeling could there be than stepping out of the snow and into »

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Destination Arkansas River Valley: Cowie Wine Cellars

Between the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas sits on oasis of down home living, mountain views and the sweet taste of locally produced wine. This is Cowie Wine Cellars: home of perhaps the state’s most experienced winemaker, and »

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It’s Good to be the King: French Palace Versailles to Open Luxury Hotel

Not since the reign of the ill-fated French monarchy have guests awoken in Versailles, free to explore the lavish playground of one of history’s greatest kingdoms. Certainly, many have visited the former palace of Louis XIV and have taken in »

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Chimay Blue Magnum: Grandeur Beer for the Connoisseur

On the surface, the Chimay Blue Magnum may appear to be nothing more than an oversized version of the original 11.2 and 25.4 oz Chimay bottles found worldwide, but, as with much that comes from the Belgian brewery, there is »

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Make Your Own Organic Apple Cider!

Making your own adult beverages this winter? Take a tip from mulling master Jim Koan – the man that put the “J.K.” in J.K.’s Scrumpy Cider – and try out this simple cider recipe:

1. Bottle of J.K.’s Scrumpy Orchard Gate »

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Organic Tastes: New Belgium’s Mothership Wit Wheat Beer

Colorado’s New Belgium Brewery, best known for its flavorful Fat Tire Amber Ale, has released an organic beer for the first time. Named for its breweries affectionate nickname “The Mothership,” Mothership Wit Organic Wheat Beer is one of several »

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