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Holiday Gift Guide: Big Savings on EpicStyle’s Affordable Jewelry!

EpicStyle is slashing prices on our elegantly designed Rhinestone-Studded Jewelry!

Our wine and spirit-inspired Brooches, Charm Bracelets, Earrings and Hair Clips are the perfect accessory for any holiday party – just Click Here to browse and purchase our many lovely designs »

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Drinking Games: King’s Cup

Everybody gather ‘round, circle the cards, and show off your royal drinking and thinking prowess – but whatever you do, do not pick up that fourth and final King!

It’s time for King’s Cup – arguably the most social, entertaining »

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The Best Cheeses of 2010!

EpicStyle is celebrating the end of 2010 with a look back at the Best Award Winning Cheeses from this year! Check out our list of Ultimate Champion Cheeses below, and then head over to Epic’s Online Store for all »

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EpicStyle’s Holiday Gift Guide: Fun and Functional New Cork Cages Are In!

EpicStyle’s #1 Holiday Gift Choice is back and better than ever with all new styles of our trademark Cork Cages!

Epic is spreading the holiday spirit with our brand new Cork Cage Ornaments. Choose from our beautiful Wine Barrel, Wine »

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This One’s On Heineken: Make and Send Your Own Online Mixtape Free!

When was the last time you made a mixtape for that special someone? Now Heineken is making it easier than ever for friends and significant others to share their favorite tunes for free.
The Heineken Gift-a-Mix, presented by »

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Muddling 101: Brazil’s Cachaça Caipirinha

Muddling makes every drink better – just ask the Brazilians who have been smashing sugar and fresh fruit into their cocktails for generations. And there’s no better proof than the caipirinha: Brazil’s national beverage that comprises little more than »

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Cooking with Spirits: Oprah’s Thanksgiving Treats!

We all know that the best advice comes from one place: Oprah. That being said, it’s Thanksgiving time and I know most of us could use a little help in the kitchen… So, without any further adieu, here are »

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Host Your Own Party Online at Club Campari!

Campari’s latest marketing campaign is redefining the term “interactive website.” Club Campari, the self-labeled “one and only glamour club on the web,” is inviting guests to log on, mix in, and bring the party to life on click at »

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Timesaving Tips: Aerate Your Wine

No time to decant? No worries! Today’s timesaving aerators are doing the job that once took 15-30 minutes in just seconds.

As opposed to traditional decanters, which open up the wine to the air simply by enlarging the surface »

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Drinking Games: Liar’s Dice

It’s lady luck time again, and this week we are focusing on an unusual type of drinking game – one that involves skill…
That’s right, put your poker face on because we’re playing Liar’s Dice of Pirates of the Caribbean and »

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