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Let the Madness Begin: Get in the Zone with EpicStyle’s ALL NEW Game On Collection!

It’s that time of the year again… Time for the greatest tournament in all of sports! Basketball season is finally coming to a close, and after one of the wildest years in recent history the nation’s best athletes are »

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Make Your Own Organic Apple Cider!

Making your own adult beverages this winter? Take a tip from mulling master Jim Koan – the man that put the “J.K.” in J.K.’s Scrumpy Cider – and try out this simple cider recipe:

1. Bottle of J.K.’s Scrumpy Orchard Gate »

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Flavor Flav’s Flavored Spirits!

Flavor Flav, the former Public Enemy member and VH1 Reality TV Star, has announced that his brand new line of alcoholic beverages is finally set to hit stores nationwide in January.

Called Le Flav Spirits, the company is releasing several flavored »

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Great Holiday Gift Ideas: New Books from EpicStyle!

The All New Wine for Dummies is in! Get it together with Bartending for Dummies or one of our other Bar and Wine Books.

Whether you’re looking for information on wine and wineries, searching for the best cocktail guides available, »

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Muddling 101: Brazil’s Cachaça Caipirinha

Muddling makes every drink better – just ask the Brazilians who have been smashing sugar and fresh fruit into their cocktails for generations. And there’s no better proof than the caipirinha: Brazil’s national beverage that comprises little more than »

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Cooking with Spirits: Oprah’s Thanksgiving Treats!

We all know that the best advice comes from one place: Oprah. That being said, it’s Thanksgiving time and I know most of us could use a little help in the kitchen… So, without any further adieu, here are »

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Host Your Own Party Online at Club Campari!

Campari’s latest marketing campaign is redefining the term “interactive website.” Club Campari, the self-labeled “one and only glamour club on the web,” is inviting guests to log on, mix in, and bring the party to life on click at »

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Flavor of the Week: Adult Chocolate Milk!

“Re-taste your youth. At 40 proof.”
Chocolate milk is back and better than ever before! And it’s all thanks to Adult Chocolate Milk, the latest rage in flavored spirits to hit the US market.
The recipe for this ready-to-pour-and-serve alcoholic »

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Another Flavored Vodka Already? Abosolut-ly!

On October 18, 2010, Absolut unveiled yet another release in its industry-leading line of flavored vodkas at a chic party hosted by Villa L’Abri in Cannes. According to a press release from Absolut, the limited edition flavor was “created »

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Drink of the Week: Campari Americano

If you have had the chance to explore the gorgeous county of Italy, you have undoubtedly noticed the little red cocktail that the locals seem to be sipping on at all hours of the day.

It looks delicious – »

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